The SB100 is my standard 5-string open-back banjo model available right now for purchase or custom order. My design is inspired by traditional banjo makers from around the turn of the 20th century as well as some of the wonderful and highly skilled artisans making open-back banjos today.  With its big and warm, well balanced tone (both plunky and punchy) it is suitable for all styles of banjo from solo clawhammer to jam sessions and dance music, and 3-finger bluegrass style picking too. Several options are available to this basic model (specs listed below) such as a variety of tone woods, rim size and head material, neck length, bridge material, etc., to help you get more of the particular tone and volume that you’re after.  I’ve added a information page here with ideas about how various specs and options can affect tone and volume.

The SB100 example on this page is all standard except for one upgrade to a natural goat skin head.


Base Price: $1550

Technical Specifications

    • Rim Diameter: 11” or 12”
    • Peghead: Paddle head, traditional head add $50
    • Woods: walnut, butternut, cherry, hard maple, mahogany
    • Tone ring””: 1/4” rolled brass or integral persimmon or osage orange tone ring
    • Head: Renaissance, Fiber-skin or natural Goat skin (add $75)
    • Fingerboard: Persimmon
    • S-scooped fingerboard: add $40
    • Peghead/Heel over-lays and Rim cap: variety of hardwoods
    • Star shell peghead inlay: $75
    • Scale Length: 25.5” or 24.75”
    • Neck Length: standard 19.5” or 19”or ?…
    • Fretboard width: 1.25” @ nut, 1 15/16” @ rim
    • Rim Depth: 3”, 3.5”
    • Rim Thickness: 1/2”
    • Hardware: Brass (antiqued) or Nickel plate
    • Tuners: Gotoh
    • Hooks: 18
    • Tailpiece: Traditional no-knot style or several upgrades available
    • Neck Reinforcement: 2-way adj. Truss Rod (heel access)
    • Access Stage One gig bag: (add $120)

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