“Holey” Bridges by Sylvan Banjos 


After experimenting with several different bridge designs, I found that I especially like these “continuous leg” or “single foot” variety; light, strong and stable, they resist bowing, bridge sagging over time, and most importantly I like the 5-hole placement that helps foster the full transfer of string vibration to the head in a very balanced or coequal way.

Available in walnut, cherry and hard maple with a persimmon tone cap.  Occasionally I have ebony for the tone cap on maple.  Standard heights are 5/8”, 11/16” and ¾” with other heights available upon request. Traditional string spacing at 1 11/16” or Crowe at 1 ¾” and string slots filed for either steel or nylon strings.

  • Maple:  More high tones and volume
  • Cherry: A more even and full range of tone
  • Walnut: Emphasizes the lower range of tones

Just contact me if you’d like to place an order or need more information.

Sylvan Banjo wooden Arm Rests


I’m now offering these wonderful wooden arm rests, handmade from local hardwoods and solid brass attaching hardware. Available in cherry, walnut, maple or persimmon, they will fit any brand open-back banjo, 11” or 12” diameter pot. They attach to your existing bracket shoes and hook hardware and installation is fairly simple using only a 5/16” bracket wrench and a ruler. 

Please contact me to place an order for an arm rest or to get more information.



Build #017


My build #017 is currently available, red oak 11” pot and Honduran Mahogany neck with goatskin head and lots of other nice features—this one has a wonderfully warm and punchy tone with lots of volume too! See more photos of #017 on the Gallery page and you can contact me for more info.

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